Saturday, December 30, 2006


The show trial and pretend appeal are over and Saddam Hussein has been executed by the Bush-backed government of Iraq. A Washington Post report gave us a closer look at the fairness of the Iraqi justice system: Taha Yassin Ramadan, one of Hussein's co-defendants, appealed his life sentence. Showing that fine sense of justice for which American service people are fighting and dying, the Iraqi court "upgraded" Ramadan's life sentence to death.

Apparently the court was in a good mood during Hussein's appeal. They could, afterall, have ordered him to be hung and hung and hung again. Fine court, that.

I won't miss Saddam Hussein, but I would have preferred that he wasn't murdered. It is time for the Bush Administration to be brought to justice: impeached and handed over to a world court for bringing about the death and/or maiming of hundreds of thousands of people by an illegal invasion of a sovereign country. I'm sure they would get a much fairer trial than Hussein and that would be justice.

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