Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Benny the Wanker III

An unscheduled, huge (three-quarter point) cut in interest rates? With inflation running high and trending upward these nasty beasts are fueling it while trying to save their corporate masters by giving them time to sell off their stocks at propped up rates. Propped up by crushing any incentive to save, invest or spend. Saving at low rates with much greater risk is just plain stupid as is investing when the risk of failure is so high and the return so small. Spend, spend, spend when the near-term future is most certainly black? We're not that stupid. Coffee cans tucked to the back of shelves will be filling up in hopes that there will be enough for food and shelter.

So what's it all about? Free or nearly free money is what it's about. Got to create another huge bubble. The thieves and con men deserve another helping. Benny's masters will raid the banks one last time before America groans and falls to its knees, victim of the Republican criminal empire which of course includes those disguised as Democrats like Clinton and Obama.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

U.S. Bank: Zero Star Service

My wife and I have been trying to end our business with this criminal corporation for years. It only took hours of sitting and waiting to close checking accounts, but it took a few years to consolidate our IRA accounts so that we could transfer them without incurring separate exhorbitant fees for the transfer. Today was to be the day. I had all the information for the other bank to whom the money was to be transferred, but U.S. Bank was there to make it as tough as possible. They refused to fill out the transfer papers insisting that the other bank must initiate the transfer. The branch manager was adamant. Well, that was contrary to all our prior experience and we had been warned by people at the other bank that they were having trouble getting transfers from this branch in that way. Seems the transfer requests kept getting "lost" in the mail or arriving a day late. U.S. Bank renewed the cd's at a much lower rate and held the owner's money captive. They told us to have U.S. Bank initiate the transfer to be safe.

U.S. Bank advertises "5 star service guaranteed". I understand what that means after years of dealing with them at the Nameoki Branch in Granite City, Illinois. It means come on in and bend over a desk, we'll service you at our pleasure. Grrrrr....

Monday, January 14, 2008

Benny the Wanker II

It seems leading economists have extremely short memories or immunity to facts as they fail to call out Benny for his intention to lower interest rates, yet again. It was the extremely low interest rates along with a never-ending supply of corrupt financial industry folks that gave us the housing bubble, the mal-mortgage market, and the foreclosures, bankruptcies and the tanking of the American economy. Benny's solution to these problems is to recreate the exact conditions that created them: low interest rates, cheap money. I guess, there must be more money for the financial criminal class to skim off before America goes under. Shame on you, Benny, charlatan, facilitator of thieves.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Benny the Wanker Continues to Spit in the Face of Inflation (and you and me)

Benny the Wanker, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, is saying once again he doesn't care how much low income people are hurt by high inflation in the necessities and small luxuries of life, he is here to prop up stock prices for the wealthy and provide cheap money to corporations. He will he indicates cut interest rates again when he should be raising them.

It is clear that Benny is a transparent corporate shill where Greenspan was a bit opaque. Greenspan was never so bold as to say, I'm here to game things for the wealthy; screw those little people if they have to choose between putting gas in their cars and eating; hey want a cheap mortgage?

It is way past time that people began to call this corrupt slug out for exactly what he is.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


According to Merriam-Webster's 11th Collegiate Dictionary this is bipartisanship:

"of, relating to, or involving members of two parties; specifically : marked by or involving cooperation, agreement, and compromise between two major political parties"

Well, what that comes down to is one party rule here in America because only one of these qualities holds any hope for the middle class and that is compromise because Republicans and enough traitorous Democrats will never agree or cooperate to do something for the middle class or lower. They will only agree to and cooperate in enriching the rich and giving corporate donors what they want. So what does compromise mean? Giving the Republicans only 75% of what they want?

Bipartisanship in America is a deeply distorted idea. What honest, compassionate people and deeply evil people hear in the word bipartisanship is: everyone will agree on what I think is right and just.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kucinich Shows His True Colors: Red and Red

Kucinich Names Obama the Best of the Rest

Okay, I said I was going to hold my nose and vote for Kucinich in spite of his criminal support for illegal immigrants and immigration, but now he's let me off the hook both ways. First, I don't have to vote for him and, second, I will never take him seriously again. No reasonable Democrat would support the past-moderate-and-heading-further-right positions of Obama. If I wanted to vote Republican I'd pick one who admitted to being one, not just another slug like Lieberman which is exactly what Obama is.