Thursday, January 10, 2008

Benny the Wanker Continues to Spit in the Face of Inflation (and you and me)

Benny the Wanker, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, is saying once again he doesn't care how much low income people are hurt by high inflation in the necessities and small luxuries of life, he is here to prop up stock prices for the wealthy and provide cheap money to corporations. He will he indicates cut interest rates again when he should be raising them.

It is clear that Benny is a transparent corporate shill where Greenspan was a bit opaque. Greenspan was never so bold as to say, I'm here to game things for the wealthy; screw those little people if they have to choose between putting gas in their cars and eating; hey want a cheap mortgage?

It is way past time that people began to call this corrupt slug out for exactly what he is.

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