Tuesday, January 15, 2008

U.S. Bank: Zero Star Service

My wife and I have been trying to end our business with this criminal corporation for years. It only took hours of sitting and waiting to close checking accounts, but it took a few years to consolidate our IRA accounts so that we could transfer them without incurring separate exhorbitant fees for the transfer. Today was to be the day. I had all the information for the other bank to whom the money was to be transferred, but U.S. Bank was there to make it as tough as possible. They refused to fill out the transfer papers insisting that the other bank must initiate the transfer. The branch manager was adamant. Well, that was contrary to all our prior experience and we had been warned by people at the other bank that they were having trouble getting transfers from this branch in that way. Seems the transfer requests kept getting "lost" in the mail or arriving a day late. U.S. Bank renewed the cd's at a much lower rate and held the owner's money captive. They told us to have U.S. Bank initiate the transfer to be safe.

U.S. Bank advertises "5 star service guaranteed". I understand what that means after years of dealing with them at the Nameoki Branch in Granite City, Illinois. It means come on in and bend over a desk, we'll service you at our pleasure. Grrrrr....

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