Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Benny the Wanker III

An unscheduled, huge (three-quarter point) cut in interest rates? With inflation running high and trending upward these nasty beasts are fueling it while trying to save their corporate masters by giving them time to sell off their stocks at propped up rates. Propped up by crushing any incentive to save, invest or spend. Saving at low rates with much greater risk is just plain stupid as is investing when the risk of failure is so high and the return so small. Spend, spend, spend when the near-term future is most certainly black? We're not that stupid. Coffee cans tucked to the back of shelves will be filling up in hopes that there will be enough for food and shelter.

So what's it all about? Free or nearly free money is what it's about. Got to create another huge bubble. The thieves and con men deserve another helping. Benny's masters will raid the banks one last time before America groans and falls to its knees, victim of the Republican criminal empire which of course includes those disguised as Democrats like Clinton and Obama.

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