Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bush Fears For America's Soul; Me Too

In this piece Bush is quoted as saying, "I'm deeply concerned about America losing its soul." Me, too, because electing this deeply evil man twice to the Presidency of the United States and supporting his screw the poor policies, his murderous invasion and occupation of Iraq, and his appointment of profit-first corporatists to gut every federal agency charged with protecting the American people and the land that sustains them says loud and clear that America's soul is dying, murdered by the Republican Party in general and George W. Bush in particular.

I can almost hear the slug laughing in the Oval Office at his genius for saying evil is good and good evil, getting a majority of Americans to believe it or claim they do because by doing so they profit. Yes, America is losing its soul by failing to oppose and defeat first George W. Bush, the Republican Party and then the Democratic Party, which while protesting, (far too much), has caved in and thus supported every deeply evil policy they were elected to oppose.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ledbetter vs. Goodyear- Reorganizing the Supreme Court

It is clear following the decision in this case, which made it legal for employers to discriminate in employee pay based on gender provided they were able to keep their discrimination secret for 180 days, that the Supreme Court now consists of only four Associate Justices. Other members of the Court are Chief Injustice John G. Roberts, Associate Injustice Samuel A. Alito, Jr., Associate Injustice Antonin G. Scalia, Associate Injustice Clarence Thomas, and Associate Injustice Anthony M. Kennedy.

What most Americans who work or have worked know is that employers almost always forbid them under penalty of discharge to discuss their pay levels, thus making it a ho-hummer for the employer to discriminate on any basis it wishes to with little or no fear that the employee will discover the discrimination within 180 days if ever. It means that the Injustices applaud the employer's ability to obstruct justice and reward it. May the five of them rot in hell for at least 180 days for justice denied.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Talking Points Memo, Just That

So, I'm a dolt. I didn't realize until today that Talking Points Memo is just that, talking points, propaganda and opinions of the left that are not to be commented on or disputed, just regurgitated by the party faithful.

What brought this to my attention was this piece whining about a Washington Post editorial that compared Jack Murtha to Tom DeLay after Murtha threatened to block any and all future earmarks Republican Mike Rogers might ask for because Rogers had the temerity to criticize and attempt to block a $23 million dollar earmark Murtha wanted for his district.

The comparison was apt. Murtha's screaming corruption was apparent and much like DeLay's. To attempt to whitewash this is hypocritical and corrupt in its own right. What the American people need is honesty not propaganda and partisanship. When the Democrats act like corrupt Republicans they should be called out and tarred with the same brush.

What's particularly aggravating about Talking Points Memo is that contrary to the norm of allowing readers to comment and dispute with the authors publicly, Talking Points Memo does not have a comment facility. Open discussion is apparently not one of their values. Slugs.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

When Will Someone in the MSM Confront the Jerk?

Bush continues to make stupid assertions about the war in Iraq and al Qaeda. Stupid assertions like: if we leave Iraq before we finish the mission, they'll follow us home. And no one I've seen in the mainstream media bothers to confront him.

Follow us home? I guess he believes the only nineteen al Qaeda terrorists who knew where the United States is died on September 11, 2001? The rest of these people will have to wait for our military to leave a trail for them to follow in order to strike on our soil again. Ridiculous!

Or maybe, they just can't spare another nineteen or even five to cross our borders or enter our ports that Bush has left defenseless because they need every one of them to ... to do what? Fight our military in Iraq? Right, like bin Laden and his cronies are so stupid they'd rather commit all of their people to fight and die in skirmishes against our best killers in Iraq instead of killing hundreds or thousands of innocent American civilians going about their daily lives as they have done before. Yeah, right. Isn't it a lot more likely that some of bin Laden's people are teaching Iraqi terrorists, born of Bush, to kill civilians and Iraqi and American military personnel, while others are free to be trained for and assigned to other nefarious tasks?

It's about time people in the mainstream media began to confront Bush when he makes such patently stupid statements because it implies that they believe him, that he has credence. It also makes it easier for others to believe him.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cowards or Criminal Frauds?

The Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the Senate have decided to cave in to the demands of the felon in the White House for more money and no end to the criminal invasion and occupation of Iraq along with all of its criminal consequences not the least of which is the corrupt and criminal expenditure of the money appropriated. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are either cowards or criminals. They are either afraid to do the right thing despite the backing of two thirds of the American people or they are truly in support of the criminal acts of the Bush Administration and all of their handwringing and whining over giving in to him is just to create an air of plausible deniability. That air stinks obscenely of fear and/or corruption.

Spineless or corrupt, Pelosi, Reid and all of their supporters need to be removed from office along with the criminals they support.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I stopped by my local Subway to Eat Fresh! this evening. I asked the sandwich chef for a Subway Club on wheat. She responded, "Do ya want the roast beef on that, because if you do it'll take about five minutes for me to thaw it out."

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gingrich Creates a New Group to Fear and Hate

According to Bob Lewis' piece, in his eulogy of Jerry Falwell, Newt Gingrich continued Falwell's practice of hate-mongering by creating a new threat, a new group of people so threatening that they are creating a culture, a culture that "declares that the nation cannot profess the truths on which it was founded." These are people, Gingrich tells us, who are hostile to American history. These are he tells us the "radical secularists."

Oh, gosh, I'm just quaking in my boots. Afraid. Afraid that Gingrich won't follow Falwell soon enough into silence.

(Can you imagine being such a slug in life that Newt Gingrich is your eulogist?)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell Dead at 73

I won't miss him.

His spokesman said Falwell died in "the mansion at Liberty University." I guess he didn't understand the irony of that statement.


Saturday, May 5, 2007

Why Expensive Haircut Stories Are Important

It seems fashionable to say that the avalanche of stories about John Edwards' $400 haircut are about painting him as effeminate, or unmanly. They aren't. These $400 haircut stories are about telling a huge share of potential Democratic voters that Edwards is not like them and will not represent them well. Most of these people would like to be paid $400 a week and would never think of spending it on a haircut. They are rightly suspicious that someone who would spend $400 on a haircut might not understand and, perhaps, should not be trusted to represent, their interests.

This story and other similar ones, always about Democrats, are designed to say: these are rich people, who do not understand average families and by their actions as seen here would not represent their interests. A large number of potential Democratic voters can be wedged away by the beliefs these stories evoke to Republicans, who claim, quite falsely, to represent families and family values.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Impeachment is Absolutely Essential

Why? If the Democrats fail to impeach Bush, Cheney, Rice, and Gonzales, it is a clear statement that America is no longer a nation of laws and that no one is above the law. It means simply that the Democrats are in league with the Republicans in ruling America as a criminal empire.

We Are Better Than You

"Wolfowitz Vows to Fight Back" screamed the headline, and you can hear him telling anyone who will listen, "I did nothing wrong." In his mind, a mind similar to all the Bushpeople, he believes he did nothing wrong, for he firmly believes like Bush, that he can do no wrong because the laws and rules do not apply to him or the rest of them. Lies, corruption, bribery, theft, mass-murdering invasion of a sovereign nation, none of it is wrong because they chose to do it. They are the law; they are the rules. They are gods and goddesses, better than all other humans, worth more than the rest of us who should bow and obey.

This looks like the end of everything America was supposed to stand for, destroyed by a deeply evil group of rich, privileged adolescents.