Tuesday, May 1, 2007

We Are Better Than You

"Wolfowitz Vows to Fight Back" screamed the headline, and you can hear him telling anyone who will listen, "I did nothing wrong." In his mind, a mind similar to all the Bushpeople, he believes he did nothing wrong, for he firmly believes like Bush, that he can do no wrong because the laws and rules do not apply to him or the rest of them. Lies, corruption, bribery, theft, mass-murdering invasion of a sovereign nation, none of it is wrong because they chose to do it. They are the law; they are the rules. They are gods and goddesses, better than all other humans, worth more than the rest of us who should bow and obey.

This looks like the end of everything America was supposed to stand for, destroyed by a deeply evil group of rich, privileged adolescents.

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