Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bush Fears For America's Soul; Me Too

In this piece Bush is quoted as saying, "I'm deeply concerned about America losing its soul." Me, too, because electing this deeply evil man twice to the Presidency of the United States and supporting his screw the poor policies, his murderous invasion and occupation of Iraq, and his appointment of profit-first corporatists to gut every federal agency charged with protecting the American people and the land that sustains them says loud and clear that America's soul is dying, murdered by the Republican Party in general and George W. Bush in particular.

I can almost hear the slug laughing in the Oval Office at his genius for saying evil is good and good evil, getting a majority of Americans to believe it or claim they do because by doing so they profit. Yes, America is losing its soul by failing to oppose and defeat first George W. Bush, the Republican Party and then the Democratic Party, which while protesting, (far too much), has caved in and thus supported every deeply evil policy they were elected to oppose.

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