Sunday, May 27, 2007

When Will Someone in the MSM Confront the Jerk?

Bush continues to make stupid assertions about the war in Iraq and al Qaeda. Stupid assertions like: if we leave Iraq before we finish the mission, they'll follow us home. And no one I've seen in the mainstream media bothers to confront him.

Follow us home? I guess he believes the only nineteen al Qaeda terrorists who knew where the United States is died on September 11, 2001? The rest of these people will have to wait for our military to leave a trail for them to follow in order to strike on our soil again. Ridiculous!

Or maybe, they just can't spare another nineteen or even five to cross our borders or enter our ports that Bush has left defenseless because they need every one of them to ... to do what? Fight our military in Iraq? Right, like bin Laden and his cronies are so stupid they'd rather commit all of their people to fight and die in skirmishes against our best killers in Iraq instead of killing hundreds or thousands of innocent American civilians going about their daily lives as they have done before. Yeah, right. Isn't it a lot more likely that some of bin Laden's people are teaching Iraqi terrorists, born of Bush, to kill civilians and Iraqi and American military personnel, while others are free to be trained for and assigned to other nefarious tasks?

It's about time people in the mainstream media began to confront Bush when he makes such patently stupid statements because it implies that they believe him, that he has credence. It also makes it easier for others to believe him.

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