Monday, May 28, 2007

Talking Points Memo, Just That

So, I'm a dolt. I didn't realize until today that Talking Points Memo is just that, talking points, propaganda and opinions of the left that are not to be commented on or disputed, just regurgitated by the party faithful.

What brought this to my attention was this piece whining about a Washington Post editorial that compared Jack Murtha to Tom DeLay after Murtha threatened to block any and all future earmarks Republican Mike Rogers might ask for because Rogers had the temerity to criticize and attempt to block a $23 million dollar earmark Murtha wanted for his district.

The comparison was apt. Murtha's screaming corruption was apparent and much like DeLay's. To attempt to whitewash this is hypocritical and corrupt in its own right. What the American people need is honesty not propaganda and partisanship. When the Democrats act like corrupt Republicans they should be called out and tarred with the same brush.

What's particularly aggravating about Talking Points Memo is that contrary to the norm of allowing readers to comment and dispute with the authors publicly, Talking Points Memo does not have a comment facility. Open discussion is apparently not one of their values. Slugs.

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