Monday, June 4, 2007

Sam Harris: Strange Sociology, Strangled Truth

As I was reading Harris' Letter to a Christian Nation , I came to a dead stop on page ninety when I read this: "There is, after all, nothing more natural than rape." Now, there is much in Harris' sophomoric, hyperbolic style, which often masquerades as logical argument that I can overlook, the source considered, but this I cannot. If you were going to argue this, you'd have to argue that this act is more natural even than breathing, eating or sleeping. But, of course, Harris doesn't argue this. He asserts it to be true. Which on the most cursory examination, it isn't.

Granted Americans and the world need people willing to confront and dispute the irrational and sometimes lethal beliefs and hypocrisy of fundamentalist Christians, but what they don't need is more lies or more irrational propaganda. That is, they don't need Sam Harris.

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