Sunday, April 29, 2007

George Tenet: Just Another Criminal

Thirty minutes of George Tenet on 60 Minutes was more than enough for me. We learned from Tenet that honesty and truth have little place in his world, only trust and honor do. Sounds like a member of organized crime doesn't it?

What else did we learn from Tenet? The American government in general and CIA in particular does not "torture"; we use "enhanced interrogation techniques." Lying, torturing, murdering, scumbag.

As far as helping to sell the war on Iraq by supporting his bosses' desire to claim that Iraq possessed all sorts of weapons of mass destruction? Tenet's explanation is faith-based intelligence: we believed it. Did they have evidence that would have stood up in criminal court? Nope, maybe, civil court, which means we had some data which we could make look good enough to fool many people. Nevermind that it would be used to murder hundreds of thousands of people.

Tenet's real anger is saved for those in his bosses' inner circle who threw him to the public as the guy who used the phrase "it's a slam dunk" to put together the case for Hussein's possession of WMD. It's not that it was a lie that bothers Tenet, it's that his bosses used it to paint him as the reason they invaded Iraq. They blamed him publicly and in doing so showed Tenet that in this gang of criminals there is no honor, and trust in criminals is for for suckers. Tenet got suckered by his criminal cohorts; George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, and Andrew Card.

Tough luck, George. They have no honor and neither do you.

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