Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Costello: Sex, Torture... All the Same

I signed a petition this morning urging my Senators and Representative to support impeachment of Bush and Cheney for torture, mass murder, and war crimes. I received a response from Jerry F. Costello (D- Illinois) this afternoon. Here is the salient part:

"I voted against impeaching President Clinton because the charges against him did not meet the high standards of impeachment under the Constitution. Similarly, the charges against President Bush do not meet these standards."

Since Costello thinks that torture, mass murder, and war crimes belong in the same category with consensual sex and lies about consensual sex, I don't think he is morally fit to hold the office of U.S. Representative. I won't be voting for him until he publicly disavows his current immoral stance and would urge everyone else to think about this and spread the word.

Is there really a difference between Democrats like Costello and Pelosi and Republicans like Bush and Cheney? In name only!

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