Thursday, July 5, 2007

Kucinich Favors Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

It is the one issue on which I think he and most of the Democrats are dead wrong and it is why I believe those in the middle class and below are being and will be damaged deeply no matter which of the two parties has power. If the Republicans are in power every form of criminal behavior by the rich and therefore powerful will be either tolerated or legalized except illegal immigration, their one spoken concession to the rule of law. If the Democrats take power, they will legalize the invasion of the U.S. by millions of people, mostly through our southern border, people who are responsible in part for depressing the wages of all working class Americans and some of whom are, no doubt, terrorists.

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Little Green, it took courage to post your thoughts on illegal immigration. Normally liberal and progressive, I rarely comment on this issue for fear of censure from colleagues. It is not just the middle class but the minorities who were promised civil rights long ago who are most vulnerable in economic terms.

Yet, I cannot fault the impoverished of Central America, those seek a better life. The fault lies with their government for failing to provide economic opportunity, and with our own government for turning a blind eye and allowing employers to exploit cheap labor.

Greed and corruption ... always the root of all evil.