Tuesday, July 17, 2007

NIE: al Qaeda Stronger, Wants to Strike U.S.

So, the most recent National Intelligence Estimate says al Qaeda is stronger than ever and determined to strike in America. The head of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, says his "gut" tells us we'll be hit again soon. Well, why haven't we secured our borders and our ports? Why are we still in Iraq? Bush is destroying the American military through attrition just as it appears it will be direly needed to prevent extremist, murdering Muslims from retaking Afghanistan and toppling the military government of Pakistan thereby coming into possession of a large stock of nuclear weapons.

This is to say nothing of the Muslim government of Iran, so threatened by this arrogant, financially and morally irresponsible, eavesdroppping, warrantless-wiretapping, criminal, murdering, torturing, slug of a U.S. President, that it cannot feel at all safe without a nuclear capability of its own. And, of course, they're right because without WMD you either surrender or get murdered whenever someone like Bush decides he wants to invade your country to control its resources.

He must be impeached and handed over to the World Court along with every member of his Administration shown to be complicit in his crimes against humanity starting most especially with his deeply evil Vice President, Dick Cheney.

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