Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Have the Criminals Won?

In a piece published on Huffington Post yesterday, Gary Hart says, justice for Bush and his criminal accomplices in the Congress will be left to histories written by U.S. Constitutional scholars. If that is true, then those scholars will be like scholars of Plato and Aristotle: scholars of antiquities. For surely, if we cannot try these people for the crimes they have committed under our current constitutional system, then the criminals have won, for the U. S. Constitutional system is no longer capable of fulfilling it's promise to provide a framework for a system of democracy and justice. Americans will live in a tyranny, then, as we do today, while Bush remains in office violating the Constitution he swore to protect and defend with the compliance of a criminally negligent Republican- and now Democratically-controlled Congress.

And just as other societies have succumbed to authoritarian personalities such as Stalin, Hussein, Hitler, et. al., so has the United States of America.

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