Friday, January 12, 2007


So, it seems that the Bush Administration has harkened back to the Nixon Administration for advice on what to do when you find yourself in an unwinnable guerilla/civil war in a land far from the U.S.. No, it's not just that Henry Kissinger has been resurrected by the media to tell us what to do, it's the eerie echoes of failed policies in Bush's latest "strategy."

Pacification. Kill lots more people indiscriminately. Maybe, begin mass-murdering, call a temporary halt, if the people left are on your side, too terrified to fight back, or simply of numbers so small that a police force can handle them, then stop, else resume slaughtering.

Widen the war. Blame neighbors and begin bombing them. Laos and Cambodia are now Syria and Iran.

These people must be stopped!

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opit said...

With the RePugs, at least you knew the power of the purse was part of the pressure on people ( can't endanger funds for re-election ! ).
The longer the period that Dems hold a majority without censuring the administration in such fashion that the whip bites and makes them jump, the less relevant they will be seen as different or better.