Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Justice Delayed or No Justice Period?

After listening to Nancy Pelosi carefully, I am beginning to think that nothing is about to change in Washington except the record that says: now, there has been a female Speaker of the House. I am deeply troubled at her pronouncement, "impeachment is off the table." So, George W. Bush is above the law per Nancy Pelosi? Americans will have seen their civil liberties, international law and the U.S. Constitution violated with impunity by Bush, Cheney, et. al., and now the party elected to power to bring them to justice will not? Because Nancy Pelosi says so?

Rule changes to improve ethics? The House already has plenty of rules which they ignore. What Pelosi is about to give us is more rules that she knows will be ignored while blatantly refusing to pursue the serious violations of our laws that she is charged to enforce.

Are we to trade our country's reputation, Constitution, and international law for the long overdue and just raising of the minimum wage? Too steep the price. Pelosi should not be allowed to condone the Bush Administration's criminal behavior. I suggest we give her 100 hours to begin the impeachment process or lobby to have her removed from her Speakership and investigated for possible charges of obstruction of justice.

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