Saturday, February 3, 2007

Secret Frank and Open Discussions??!!

In an AP piece published on Yahoo, we can read about Bush speaking at a House Democratic retreat. We read that:

"After Bush's remarks, reporters were ushered out of the room while lawmakers asked the president a few questions. ... White House spokesman Scott Stanzel said the question portion of Bush's appearance was closed to be consistent with his appearances at gatherings of congressional Republicans. At those events, Bush spoke in public but the questioning was closed "to provide frank and open discussion," Stanzel said."

Now, I'm troubled by that. Why is the press, the only possible, though not necessarily good, representative of the citizens of the U. S. excluded "to provide frank and open discussion?" The criminality of this government will not cease as long as we are excluded from the frank and open discussions. I said government because it is quite obvious that the House and Senate are obstructing justice by not bringing actions against this Administration. All we can expect from the secret "frank and open discussions" is that our representatives will seek to maneuver to their own advantage and interests, the Constitution and interests of the vast majority of citizens of the U. S. be damned.

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