Friday, February 2, 2007

The Ministry of Truth: Bush and the AEI

The American Enterprise Institute (AEI), stuffed with Bush supporters and funded by ExxonMobil, has sent out letters to scientists offering $10,000 and more, if they will write essays critical of the new U.N. report on global climate change, according to a piece in today's Guardian.

I wonder why anyone who would accept one of these bribes should be rightly called a scientist.

I also wonder why The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer has slugs from AEI as commentators on their program so frequently and I wonder why they are not identified as paid shills for ExxonMobil and the Bush Administration masquerading as people of character.


opit said...

Do you remember those sidebar ads for the book exposing lies about the war on Iraq ? ( Washington Monthly was likely the foremost example )
The Centre for Media and Democracy, who came up with it, tracks issues involving false and manipulated news. I received a summary via e-mail titled "The Weekly Spin" for months.
I finally let it fall into disuse, but kicking around the parent site for articles on file can be instructive.

little green said...

*nods* Aye, opit, I do and thanks for reminding me. :-)