Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Howard Kurtz Needs a Fact and Spell-Checker

In this piece from today's Washington Post, Howard Kurtz refers to the Catholic League's President, William Donohue, as Donohoe, not once, but at least five times. The only place the man's name is spelled correctly is in a quote attributed to Amanda Marcotte, the person whom Kurtz maligns in the piece along with her former employer, the John Edwards' campaign. Kurtz features Donohue's assertions along with support from those other bastions of critical thought, Bill O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin, while "balancing" these with one not-quite-on-point quote from someone who supposedly represents the left on the issue. In the supposed Marcotte quotes one finds "calvacade" instead of "cavalcade" and in the supposed-supporter's quote "though" instead of "through." Were these truly their errors or more of Kurtz's shoddy, slanted stuff (journalism, it's not.)

After this piece, I have come to agree with Roger Ailes: Kurtz is a slug.

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